Choose The Right Drill Like A Pro

Often, it’s the little things that bog a person down. Do you want to drive screws into holdings or drill logs of wood? For a list of garden tools, cordless power tools, and other accessories, view site MyToolShed and browse through their products. There are several buying tips and interesting DIY ideas featured on that will help you get started.

For beginners, you must understand that drills are categorized into three varieties. Combi drill, impact driver and drill driver are the terms you should be aware of.

Choosing The Right Combi-Drill

Combi-drills serve three purposes. They have the capability to drive screws, drill holes into solid walls with the help of a hammer and drill a hole in metals. These machines offer three speed for users. Choose low speed if you intend to perform high torque work like driving a screw into a wall.

Higher speed can be beneficial for drilling logs of wood or sheets of metal. It is essential to make a quick study of the features and make use of the combi drill. Provisions like a metal box can be further used in your daily applications.

To narrow down your choices, make a quick decision from the four combi drills. The first variant comes with fast charging 5Ah batteries, a brushless motor, and two mechanical gears. The maximum force is 30 Nm and 54Nm for soft and hard surfaces. You can drive holes up to 13mm in steel; 38 mm in logs of wood and 13mm in other masonry work.

The second type is the two-speed brushless drill that consists of 5.0 Ah lithium –ion cells. With a comfortable headlight of 184mm, there is a 13mm auto-lock facility. In the first and second gear, you can expect a maximum power of 60Nm and 31Nm respectively. Like the cordless drill, you gain benefits from their electric motor and kick-back control feature.

Next in line is the smart combi drill that can drive holes for a distance of 65mm in wood and 16mm in carpentry work. They are equipped with an overload protection and a thermal motor. Have you wondered about the impact rate? It is a whopping 32,300bpm and boasts of a two-speed gearbox.

The latest variants have 3 speeds and an adjustable torque of nearly 20 positions. Owing to the presence of a brushless motor, the power increases by nearly 35 per cent. Added features like 60 lumens of brightness and a carry case make them the most sought after product.

Drill Drivers vs. Impact Drivers

These machines serve the purpose of driving a hole into a piece of metal or wooden blocks. These essential tools come with two speed and a good number of torque settings. You should note that the force in these drill-drivers is comparatively less than a combi drill or an impact driver.

When selecting a drill driver, find out the capacity of holes it can drill and the best torque it can provide. Another feature to concentrate on is the battery. If there is high rating, you can expect the drill to run for a long period.

Before you buy an impact driver, ask the vendor specifications about the torque. Any typical machine should have high levels of torque output when compared to a regular combi drill.

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