How To Fix A Dripping Shower By Yourself?

One of the vital plumbing projects that often faced by many homeowners is a dripping shower. Perhaps this project is known to be one of the easier repairs that one can do by himself. Not only is the repair easy but it is usually necessary to know how to fix leaky shower because this is one of the common problems that annoys the homeowners. Undoubtedly, it is essential to keep the shower in good working condition because it dispenses the water in and out of the home. Also, such a dripping of shower can eventually lead to a full blown spray of water if left unattended and can cause some serious water damage in the home. Keep ready some tools before attempting to start the repair. All you need is a pipe wrench of suitable size and a small screw driver.

Fixing procedure

You need not have to replace the whole shower unit just to fix a drip. Let us assume that you have a cartridge-style faucet. The valves in the cartridge have a handle, which you can remove. Before this, turn off the water source and remove the handle cap with a knife to reach the handle screw. Next, pull the handle and twist the cartridge stem with pliers. Take the old cartridge to the hardware store and get a similar one. It is always suggested to buy the same one otherwise it may not match with the existing setup. Reassemble the faucet and then turn on the water valve to check if the leak is still there. If you still find the leak, check the washers and it is wise to replace the washer while replacing the cartridge, since the washers are inexpensive. By following this action, you can arrest the issue of shower leakage in your bathroom and have a peace of mind.

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