Regular training is essential in order to achieve the dream weight as quickly as possible and to lose weight in the long term. The harder you are with yourself, the better you will look – it’s that simple.

In the following I will introduce you to the best weight loss devices and show you what you should look out for when buying such a device.

If you’re afraid of going to the gym, you can keep fit and lose weight effectively at home with the right exercise equipment. But which one is most effective and best suited for training at home? Here are my suggestions.

Hometrainer – The classic among weight loss machines

A home trainer or fitness bike takes up very little space and allows a particularly joint-gentle workout. Therefore the bicycle is a very solid training device for all fitness friends.

You can burn between 200 and 400 calories per half hour on the ergometer. The disadvantage is that the upper body is not so much challenged during the training due to the sitting position. Nevertheless, you don’t do anything wrong with a home trainer at home.

Treadmill – intensive training included

The treadmill enables an even more intensive workout compared to an ergometer. This in turn causes a higher calorie consumption. In fat burning mode, you can easily burn about 500 calories in 30 minutes on the treadmill.

Compared to jogging in the park, the treadmill has the advantage that the load can be kept constantly high. When running in the open air, the load depends on weather conditions and the terrain.

Once you get used to running on a moving surface, you’ll love the treadmill. A small disadvantage is the relatively high space required by the treadmill and the increased risk of accidents.

Crosstrainer – training for the whole body

The big advantage of the crosstrainer is that the complete body is used during training. Due to the large tread areas, the movements run smoothly and very evenly. Thus there is no danger of running incorrectly or overloading the joints.

The crosstrainer has become one of the most popular weight loss devices in recent years. This is mainly due to the fact that the crosstrainer is a real fat killer. And: you can really step on the gas. High-intensity units are no problem with this device.

Thanks to the pleasant running sensation, you can easily run for more than an hour. An intense 30-minute session easily burns 700 calories. The crosstrainer is one of the best weight loss devices ever.

The rowing machine stands for physical fitness

The rowing machine is undoubtedly one of the insider tips among home exercise machines. Both legs and upper body are equally challenged during training. As with the treadmill, you also need enough space for the rowing machine.

However, there are some of these machines that can be stowed away after training in a very space-saving way. In addition, many models also look great. The calorie consumption of the rowing machine is enormous. The body burns up to 600 calories every half hour even during training at the lowest level.

However, beginners in particular will hardly be able to train continuously on the rowing machine for more than 30 minutes. The rowing machine combines effective endurance training with muscle training. In order to increase strength and reduce body fat, a balanced ratio of endurance and muscle training is still the best means. The rowing machine offers the best possibilities for this.

Fitness station – alternative to the fitness studio

If you want to strengthen your muscles at home, you should consider buying a gym. Such a machine can be used for a variety of different exercises. Although the stations require a lot of space, they allow a particularly effective workout.

The main focus during training is, of course, muscle building. However, effective muscle training also burns some calories. By the way: muscle mass has an extremely metabolic stimulating effect. Women in particular should not shy away from weights and resistance. Strength and fitness stations are usually attractive for men anyway. See more on this amazon listing right now.

Losing weight at home with devices – my conclusion

On the market there is now a whole range of equipment for slimming. However, these have proved to be the best in recent years. As with any kind of training, success only comes with a certain regularity and motivation…

A healthy and balanced diet is part of every weight loss programme. If you prefer the chocolate bar instead of the legs, you will not succeed with any device in the world.

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