Things You Should Not Do With Steam Mops

Steam mops are quite recent and operate in the same way as that of any steam iron in our homes. These steam mops are well known for their lightweight and work on electricity. As described in the website these kinds of electric mops use an inbuilt water tank and innovatively designed to transform the water into steam. According to steam production is governed by a sensing unit within the handle which activates once the person drives forward on the mop.

Though the popularity of these steam mops is growing phenomenally, users are advised to use this innovative machine with great care. However, there are few things a user has to avoid while using the device. This article is primarily written for the sake of cautioning the users in emphasizing some of the ‘Don’ts’ of this gadget so that it can be used for a longer time and thereby a buyer can get the best value for the money invested in buying this unique mop from the local market.

Tips on how to avoid few things with steam mop

Never use them in unsealed hardwood floors: Care should be taken while using the steam mop while cleaning the hardwood floors. It is always suggested to know some factors about the hardwood floors such as type, age, present condition and sealed or unsealed. Since the steam mops make moisture and make the cleaning surface wet, usage of the mop on any unsealed floor can cause damage by exposing the wood to swell. Hence it is suggested to use this machine when the hardwood floor is unsealed.

Avoid usage on leather: Though steam mops can widely be used in cleaning the furniture and other variety of fabrics, care should be taken to avoid cleaning on materials that are made with pure leather or any delicate and synthetic materials as well. Before usage, check the product manual and follow the instructions as given by the supplier or manufacturer.

Do not use to clean waxed floor: A buyer should not use the steam mop to clean the floor which is recently-waxed, as the heat generated by the mop can melt the new wax and thereby the shiny finish will be damaged. Before the cleaning process, it is always suggested to have a test on the floor and take a decision on mopping according to the test results after waiting for few minutes.

Know some basics Give your home a fresh feeling all year long. The more that you use steam, the fresher your residence will feel, not just during the cooler months, but the warmer ones as well. Homes can only protect you so much from the elements. Each season has its hazards, so it’s important you’re secure the interior of the house to fight the harmful effects of nature, be it summer or winter. Steam cleaners can go where all other cleaners fear to tread, leaving every surface clean and chemical free, fighting unwanted smells along the way. By smartly using the steam mop you can enhance the life of the machine to a great extent.

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