Athens Accompanies is a blog about accompanying you travellers that are valued in our community to go to Greece. We are a bunch of travel enthusiasts who have once lived in Greece, Athens and we are very happy to show you around the place. Not only that, we want to show you guys the world and the beauties of what you can experience outside the borders of your home.

While we are mainly a Greek enthusiast travelling site, we will also write about other travellers tips, guides, and places to go in all parts of the world. Things such as tips to make money while on the move, travelling cheaply, being a digital nomad, and all other related things will be written in our blog here.

Things that are very important such as warnings, travel insurance and other ideas to make your trips a little more safer than not are always welcome here in our website.

We hope that you will enjoy exploring the world, and we hope that what we write here will inspire your wanderlust and be able to show you more about the world. If you have any questions, you can feel free to talk to us or send us an email.

Otherwise, happy travelling!